Why we're different

We are unique in offering an in-depth course in communication, led by genuine experts in the field. Some of the main characteristics that set us apart are:

  • The Box was developed by speech and language therapists working in the criminal justice sector, under the guidance and supervision of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the professional body for speech and language therapy in the UK. See www.rcslt.org.


  • Unlike most training organisations, we ran an extensive pilot to assess every aspect of our product in different settings. The assessment was managed by an independent and impartial consultancy firm.  Read the report here.


  • We ensured all issues identified during the pilot were addressed and resolved before officially launching the training.


  • The introductory stage to the training is a free e-learning module. This high-quality, interactive tool is made available to all to raise awareness and understanding in the wider community.


  • The two-day course is delivered by speech and language therapists who work in the criminal justice sector. They understand its specific processes and the issues faced by frontline staff and management.


  • Each course is specifically tailored to the client and reflects the different needs, objectives and nature of interactions between staff or professionals and the individuals.