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It is essential to give the teaching profession the skills that enable them to make a difference in the classroom.

40% of 7 to 14 year olds referred to child psychiatric services had a language impairment that had never been suspected (Cohen et al, 1998).

Speech and language difficulties can go unnoticed and be misinterpreted as rudeness or indifference. This fundamental misinterpretation can lead to a high level of frustration for both teacher and pupil.

Two-thirds of 7-14 year olds with serious behaviour problems have language impairment. Without the appropriate skills to engage these pupils, teachers will be unable to manage and limit the negative impact in the classroom.  In addition, large class sizes have made teachers' jobs even harder because they are now juggling more students, more distractions and more behaviour problems. In this environment, it is not surprising to find that a rising number of teachers are leaving the profession.

The Box training can help this sector by showing teachers how to recognise pupils who have language impairment and empower them with approaches and tactics to improve engagement. This allows teachers to focus on their core responsibility: teach the curriculum while motivating pupils to learn.

Once they have completed the Box, teachers gain confidence in:

• Identifying pupils with less obvious speech, language and communication issues
• Referring them to the adequate support services if relevant
• Talking to and understanding 'difficult' pupils
• Increasing their  engagement into school activities
• Adapting written and verbal information when necessary

During its pilot, the Box generated a reduction in violent outbursts and aggressive behaviour – a meaningful outcome in a climate of rising violence in schools.

Parental involvement has a direct role in student engagement and success.
The skills acquired on the Box training are also very useful when dealing with parents, who frequently have similar communication difficulties as their children.


The same benefits described above apply to adult education. The Box training improves student engagement, reduces aggressiveness and promotes a better environment for learning.

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