Prison Service

I have to admit that in all the years I have been looking at prisons and the treatment of offenders, I have never found anything so capable of doing so much for so many people at so little cost as the work that the speech and language therapists carry out.  Lord Ramsbotham, Former Chief Inspector of Prisons, October 2006

Prison staff are prime potential users of The Box, given their direct and regular contact with offenders and reoffenders, a disproportionate amount of whom have communication difficulties. These difficulties are often not addressed or go undetected. In the harsh environment of a prison, frustrations and keeping these difficulties hidden will often lead to challenging behaviour and aggression.

The Box training can help to equip the prison service with the tools to identify and work with individuals who have communication difficulties. Prison officers will have at their disposal a variety of techniques to support the work they do. With these skills, they will elicit greater engagement, reduce challenging and violent behaviour from prisoners and draw more satisfaction from their job.

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