Probation Service

“Staggering number of criminals re-offending within one year”

“Schemes to cut re-offending miss key targets”

“Cost to UK economy of criminals re-offending is same as putting on the Olympics EVERY YEAR”

These are recent headlines in the national press. It shows that the probation system is not delivering for a variety of reasons.

The relationship between the offender and the probation practitioner can be a powerful vehicle for changing behaviour and reducing re-offending. The importance of individual relationships is heightened in probation work and a ‘one size fits all’ approach can only be counter-productive. For a probation worker, addressing communication issues, one of the main barriers preventing engagement, is essential. Giving probation workers the ability to identify communication issues and the skills to adapt their written and verbal interaction for maximum receptivity and understanding is of the highest importance.

The Box training can help probation services reach their goals:

  • To reduce offending through more effective one-to-one engagement
  • To make best use of staff time at a time of financial constraint
  • To increase public confidence in community sentences

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