Two-day course

The course is organised on demand, throughout the UK. It is led by one or two trainers depending on the number of participants.  It builds on the raised awareness achieved by completing the e-learning.

The course provides:

  • the opportunity to experience what it is like to have a speech, language and communication problem
  •  an increased awareness of what these problems look like
  •  a 'toolkit' of practical and effective strategies for staff to use to facilitate their work with individuals
  •  training on the use of a screening tool that will assist you in recognising speech, language and communication problems. This tool will also clarify when referral to speech and language therapy may be appropriate. This checklist can be used whether you work with an adult, a young person, an offender, someone 'at risk of' offending, a witness or a victim. [This screening tool has now been adopted by the Youth Justice Board and integrated into the assessment process of youth offending teams].

After the course, you will be able to:

  • improve interaction and engagement
  • enhance the offenders' ability to understand legal proceedings and orders when required
  • reduce violent episodes and aggressive behaviour
  • enable meaningful participation by the offender with support and diversion services, such as: pupil referral units, drug rehabilitation services, education programmes, employment schemes